Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, residential moving services can be a stressful process. By hiring a professional moving company like Moving Team Six in Fargo, you can minimize the anxiety of moving and ensure that your belongings are safe and organized. Our experienced and courteous team will streamline the moving process and help you settle into your new home quickly. Read on to discover the moving services we offer for moves of all sizes.

Our Services


Are you planning a residential move? Our Fargo team specializes in both local and long-distance residential moves. We can take care of all aspects of your move—including packing and unpacking so you can simply enjoy setting up life in your new home. To give you peace of mind, we require background checks for all our moving staff and weekly inspections for our fleet of trucks.

Moving Team Six can help you get started with a free estimate and checklists. To contact us, call 602-923-0040 today. We have everything you need from packing supplies to fully equipped trucks to move furniture, delicate items, and everything in between.

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Apartment moves can present unique challenges for anybody, even though you aren’t packing up a mansion’s worth of personal possessions. Whether you’re packing up and leaving your old apartment or moving into a new one, there are numerous things you’ll need to remember, schedule, and check off your to-do list. Moving Team Six can provide you with the first-class moving services you’re looking for. If you’re moving to or from the Fargo area, our experienced packers and movers guarantee you’ll get the Moving Team Six “Ultimate Moving Experience” that’s hassle-free and detail-oriented. 

Are you overwhelmed by how many things you have to pack? We’ll take care of the packing for you, and we’ll even provide boxes, packing tape, crates, labels, moving pads, and anything else needed to prepare your belongings for the move.
Are you concerned about any of your possessions getting lost or damaged in the moving process? We handle all property with the greatest of care to prevent accidents, and we’ll even provide you with a checklist of all of the items we move.
Are you moving to an apartment across the country? We handle long-distance moves within the United States and Canada, and we’ll take care of everything from packing up your property and transporting it to unpacking it in your new home.


Let’s face it—good appliances are hard to find. They’re also not cheap, which means that most people don’t want to have to abandon their appliances when it’s time to move to a different home or office. If you have appliances to move, Moving Team Six can come to the rescue. We provide comprehensive moving services at fair and affordable prices. When you want to be able to rest assured that your valuable appliances are being handled by skilled professional movers, you can count on our Fargo moving company for the services you need.

When you contact the team at Moving Team Six to have your appliances moved, we’ll provide these services:


We’ll inspect your appliances and provide you with a free in-home quote for the job.


We’ll pack your appliances and prepare them for moving, and we’ll provide the packing supplies.


We’ll transport your appliances to your new location, taking any necessary precautions to ensure that they aren’t damaged.


We’ll unpack your appliances in your new home or office and set them up wherever you want them.


Our packers can move appliances of almost any size, including—but not limited to—refrigerators, iceboxes, dishwashers, washers, dryers, combination washer-dryers, microwave ovens, toasters, air conditioning units, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, space heaters, and portable fans. Our team works quickly and efficiently, so we’ll be able to move all of your appliances to their new location as fast as possible.


If you’re in the Fargo area, you can count on Moving Team Six to handle your upcoming move safely—even if you’re moving to another state. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we pride ourselves on our ethical and transparent approach to our work. For a free quote on your moving job, feel free to call 602-923-0040 today.

If you’re in the Fargo area, you can count on Moving Team Six to handle your upcoming move safely—even if you’re moving to another state. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we pride ourselves on our ethical and transparent approach to our work. For a free quote on your moving job, feel free to call 602-923-0040 today.


Personal belongings are what turns a house into a home. When you hire a moving company near Fargo, you want to know that your packers and movers will treat your valuables with the care and respect they need. The perfect moving experience begins and ends with movers who are committed to providing you with the customized and high-quality service you want, regardless of the number of items you need to move or the distance they need to cross.


At Moving Team Six, our white-glove premium moving services extend to the handling and transportation of precious and priceless antiques, paintings, furnishings, pianos, and more—our goal is to provide moving services that far exceed your expectations for a smooth, stress-free, and even enjoyable moving experience. White-glove service is defined as service that is “marked by special care or attention.” This type of service should not only meet your expectations but exceed them in every aspect of the moving services you receive.


Care and professionalism define white-glove service. When you hire movers to handle your most precious items, you should feel confident that they will pack and transport these items with the same care that you would take—or perhaps even more. We have both the experience and the tools necessary to move your most valuable items, from small antiques to oversized paintings, to maintain their beauty and their value.
Reliability and clear communication are essential for service of the highest caliber. We provide free in-home moving estimates so that we can see exactly what you need to be moved and anticipate how best to move it safely and efficiently.
Customizability is part of providing service that is matched to your needs. Our movers know that each type of special item requires different care and handling, and we will never take a one-size-fits-all approach with your belongings.


Moving is often ranked as one of the most stressful necessities of life. At Moving Team Six, our goal is to destroy that stigma forever with honest, ethical moving services that extend to highly-valuable and irreplaceable items. We hold ourselves to the highest standards possible so that you will feel relaxed and safe when you move with us. If you have ever been concerned about the care your packers and movers will take with your most precious belongings, you can benefit from our premium moving services. Furthermore, our experienced movers can handle both your precious and everyday belongings for the utmost convenience. Please call us today at 602-923-0040 to find out more about our premium moving services in Fargo, or to request a free moving estimate.